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What Is Health Policy and Management?

The School of Health Policy and Management aims to nurture internationally competitive health policy management professionals who will play a pivotal role in promoting public health and developing local and national health care. Our school provides students with both the theoretical and practical knowledge of overall health policy management needed to become true experts in the field.

In response to the demand for professional health care managers, the School of Health Policy and Management is cultivating students’ predictive, analysis, and planning abilities regarding health care needs. Our school understands the management and policy problems created by an aging society and helps students develop the abilities to solve these problems. Students learn the structural systems and functions of the medical industry and build management skills.

The School of Health Policy and Management produces future healthcare leaders equipped with a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility. By combining theoretical education, which corresponds to the computerization trends in the field of health policy management, and practical training, which is delivered through state-of-the-art educational materials and programs, our school fosters the field adaptation abilities of students. In addition, through promoting an understanding of international healthcare systems, our school trains global health policy management professionals.